Tinwarble - mojo 1.08.06 background image


First, Thanks for the superb theme

Is it possible to change the background image when you move between each main icon

for example - if you are on the Video Icon - the background would be a wall/row of semi transparent videos

then if you moved to the music icon - the background would be a wall/row of semi transparent Cd’s  etc

might want to look into this

Well, to answer your question, yes there are some tricks to get this to work.  However, there’s no real why to get it to work right since doing so requires the loss of animations for the main menu and there is also an issue of getting the temporary icons (New firmware and Now Playing) to work.

Until there is a change in the firmware which allows this to be implemented correctly,  then I’m not going to attempt to try and make any changes that require full background changes.

I do have THIS though which can be added to Mojo.

Thanks for the quick reply

I have updated to your menu mod - works great

Nice BG further down the page - wall of videos

thats the sort of thing i was looking for - but it changes

when you would move to music etc

look foward to a firmware update

Thanks again for your help