Timer running fast?

is there a known issue with the timer running fast on the WDTV?

my video seems to play ok, but it runs fast?  it seems to run about 2x as fast as it should?

i’m running an .iso over a network connection via cable, not wirelessly

just watching a .avi and it’s runing ok, but the .iso earlier was running fast at least on the timer, not on the actual video.

See my post : 


I have the same problem: it looks like the framerate is double or something, and the time index goes double speed (and also the “length” is the double of the actual length, so you can watch the movie OK)

Probably has to do with the way the DVD was authored, if you’re curious you can extract the VOB files to a folder and open the .ifo of the main movie with Ifoedit. That way you could see multiangles, seamless branching or other things that would confuse players that weren’t reading the .ifo.

mine are NTSC DVD’s, only noticed it on one the other night when i had the menu bar on, otherwise they seem to play ok.