Can’t find this specific issue on any board.

Problem: I cannot access the 2 backup files on the EX machine from my MBP, although I can back through Time Machine. On my wife’s MacBook Air I can see both her file as well as mine which shows recent successful backups.
When I try to open I get the following error message.

" **The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “TimeMachineBackup” can’t be found."

Have the latest OSX versions and WD firmware.
Any clues?

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How are you connected to the MyCloud? If you’re using TimeMachine with registered user, it’s not possible to access the folder when connected via smb. Try connect via afp, this should solve the issue.

See my other post I made about this topic:


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Did you set a limit on the size of TM backups?

I set a limit of 2TB

Well apparently there is a bug. See: TimeMachineBackup works intermittently - #22 by SBrown

Try removing the limit (set to 100%) and it should work.