TimeMachineBackup Public Folder?

I just started setting my Cloud and realized that TimeMachineBackup folder comes as Public by Default.

If I leave it, who has access to my cloud will be able to download my complete backup.

can i change the folder to private without having problems with Time Machine?


Yes, you can change that share so that only a specific user can access it. It worked quite well for me.

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Thank You Very Much.


i try to do that but when it is not public, the time machine can’t access the folder.

when it’s set to public, no problem

any help?

sorry, it worked now; it’s because i tried to configure with no password; apparently it allows only with password

  • From the Dashboard of the drive, set a user password.
  • Change the Time Machine share to private.
  • Assign permission for the user on the Time Machine share.
  • On the Mac, select “Registered User” on the Time Machine setup screen and enter the username and password.