TimeMachine - Drive name different on TimeMachine and on the Device?

Just bought a MyCloudHome drive and I got an iMac. I want to use it for backup (using TimeMachine).
I managed to setup the drive and I can see it on my desktop and also on the WD web portal.
My issue is when I want to start a BackUp on Time machine:I can go to “select drive” and see a “TimeMachineBackup on MyCloud-XXXXXX” ; the issue is that the 6 letters I can see after MyCloud-… are not the 6 letters of my Device (the ones that are on the bottom of the device and used to connect the first time). So I fear that by doing so I will not have access to my backup.
Any idea why the 6 digits are different and what to do ?

Hello plec,

I would suggest you to contact WD support to get assistance in this concern.

Refer the link provided below for contact information.