TimeMachine Backup Verification

Every 2 weeks or so I get an error saying the TimeMachine Backup is corrupt. It says a completely new backup is needed. This defeats the purpose of having a backup if it ends up corrupt this often. I do not feel safe with the backup on this Western Digital Drive. Is the drive corrupt itself?

WD Software: MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W

OS X: 10.9.3


I havent seen this before, Can you please run a diagnistic on the drive through the dashboard of the unit.

Please see page 66 of the user manual.


same issue here, although i frequently get other lovely bits as well, including (but not limited to):

“The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features”

WD software: MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W

OS X: 10.8.5

i’ve run the onboard diagnostics, but it doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with itself.