Timemachine backup problem

if I set the timemachine backup folder to public I can access it for backup.

If I set it to NOT public but to specific users (ie machines in my house), the time machine application cannot see the harddisk. Even if I goto finder and log in with my mirror user ID and I can see the folder and its contents.

What am I missing ?

Hi RobinB, have you tried mapping the time machine backup folder by name? For example, you can try to map it using smb://mycloudmirror/timemachine. For more information check the link below.  

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

Thanks for info.

I found out the problem earlier this afternoon.

What I had done is set up the timemachine backup whilst it was public.

I then set it to private for the user.

This stops the tm working.

You have to delete the tm disk from the application (this does not delete the data) and then reselct the disk again and put in any password.

Haveing done this it now works correctly.