TimeMachine backup can cause CPU 99%

hello everyone,

i bought a mbl recently, and used for mac lion time machine backup. it works perfect in the first month. after that i found that the mbl response slowly sometime.

then i got ssh opened, and watched the cpu usage with top command. and found there is a proccess named “du”, when it runs, cpu got 99%, for about 30 senconds.

i traced deeper and found it was executed by a shell script in “/usr/local/sbin/createBackupTally.sh” with the command “cd /DataVolume/backup/TimeMachine ; du -m --max-depth=1 > /tmp/timemachine_tally” at line 17. everytime when executing this line, cpu will go to 99%.

i check the directory in /DataVolume/backup/TimeMachine/[My_Mac].sparsebundle/bands. there are 30000 files in that directory. and this case du command get very slow, and cpu goes to 99%.

it’s really very annoying. is there any solution to solve this problem? thanks!

I have not seen this before.  You may try a firmware update, and a reset by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  Before you update the firmware make sure to backup your data, in order to prevent data loss if something goes wrong during the udpate.

i have updated to the latest firmware already. and the problem retains. does anyone get the same problem?