TimeMachine automatic backups fail

My 10 TB EasyStore drive will not work consistently with TimeMachine automatic backups. I can get a successful backup once…then the next ‘automatic’ backup will fail and return the following error “Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder.”. When this occurs I check the drive and I’m not able to access it or eject it. I have to restart the iMac and / or unplug the drive to get the iMac to recognize it again. I thought that this was happening because WD drive’s sleep timer was turned on -so I turned it off. Then also turned off all of the power save settings so the iMac would not sleep either. The same failure still occurs and the drive also still sleeps eventually. This seems to be a known issue -lot’s of others talking about it but no fix. Is there a fix for this? Alternatively, is there a WD backup software for Mac? The drive is really not much use if I can’t run automated backups to it.

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It might have something to do with WD software. Good luck