TimeCapsule failure with Catalina

Have this week purchased a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Bought the item following the failure of my Apple TimeCapsule. WD product selected as a TimeCapule replacement ++ based on WD marketing information.

Able to create a back but verification immediately fails. Backups are therefore unusable.

Same problem with iMac and MacBook Air. Both connected to LAN via Ethernet cables. Both Macs running Catalina 10.15.5. Firmware version is 2.31.204

Message received is “
‘Time Machine completed. A verification of your backups on “Wdnas”. To improve your reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you. Etc”

Need to get this working.

Any ideas?


I am seeing the same behavior on my MacBook Pro, and am at similar levels. It would seem that the behavior began when I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.5 - I moved from a lower release of Catalina. The MacBook is 6 months old, and had been backing up to my WD MyCloud 4TB device at firmware level 4.05.00-342 - stated as being the latest level. The MyCloud has been running this level for a long time.

I get the verification error after a backup, with no other messages from either Time Machine, or the MyCloud. I even have deleted the share on the MyCloud that is marked “TimeMachineBackup”, created a new one, and then initiated a new backup. The backup took about 9 hours via WiFi, and was apparently successful. Hourly backups were taken for about a day and a half, then the verification errors began to occur again.

I have tried to open support sessions with APple, but have had difficulty. I will of course continue with Apple, but wondered if anyone has seen similar behavior - which I have obviously - but has anyone resolved the issue?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


The problems you describe are identical to my experience. I have contacted WD and raised the issue and I’m expecting to get support from their Level 2 support staff. Not easy to arrange as I am in the UK and the support staff are operating from the USA west coast. Having spent time looking online you get the feeling that this is an Apple issue and who knows if this will be resolved in the next OSX release. If it is an Apple issue and will not be fixed by them then WD should at least make it clear in their sales material that their product no longer supports TimeMachine functionality when using Catalina or Big Sur.

Best of luck.


John -

Just got off the chat session with Apple - they had something to try - it involved getting into a terminal session and deleting some of the associated files from my Mac, and try the backup again. It is now running a backup again. My expectations are that the backup will succeed, but the proof will be in the hourly backups, and their success.

There was no whining about my WD Device. They sent me to a configuration page on what APple wants a Time Machine environment to look like - dream on. I told them mine had none of the hardware (except of course the MacBook I am running), and that it had been working fine - I actually have been backing up my Wife’s iMac on it for years. It gets a bit flaky, I think because she never turns it on - uses her iPad instead. That’s a different issue.

Let’s see what happens


I have the same issue here too. I’ve checked for the latest firmware on my EX2 Ultra, I’ve rebooted it, I’ve rebooted my Mac, I’ve deleted and re-added the Time Machine share (and re-enabled the Time Machine setting), and I’ve done a full system restore. I either get an indication that the backup verification has failed or that the backup could not be completed. This is very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?