Time to send this baby back and get a drive that suites my needs

the mbl drive is gerat but the discovery software does not even fing my drive…so that makes the backup softawre wortless for me…it lages to get music an any other file for me…something as simple as changing ablum art work can take several minutes…that may be my routers fault…i think a 2tb usb drive will be just what i should have purchased from the get go…thanks TONY for the help !!! cheers

You’re not trying to copy to / from it using a wireless laptop by any chance? That would be very, very slow.

Can’t help with the software I’m afraid, as I’m not using it.

The USB drives are good, but copying 2tb of data over usb2 will still take you a long time.

Thanks…Jon…yes I am using a laptop via wifi…I thought this would be a great solution for my network but just does not work as I expected…I’m ok with that and picked out a 2 tb my book essential…I’m sure it will work as I had al my media and docs on a USB drive before and it acted as if it was a local drive…I’ll copy over my data to the new drive in pieces and once its all there I’m golden…cheers to all who tried to help my get this my book live working