Time to load seems long

When I switch the WDTV live hub on it takes about twenty minutes before I can use it and just says “loading”. Is this normal? It means that if I want to give a film show in a new locality I have to allow twenty minutes extra before I start.


That’s not normal.

Have you tried resetting the unit?

For information on how to reset the unit please see the following link


Check all the connections on the back of the unit.

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Very long startup and loading times can happen if you store non-media files on the internal hdd

eg. PC Backups (which have files such as exe, ini, dll, lnk etc)  …

you can hide these files from scanning by the WDTV Live Hub by placing them in a folder with a “dot” in front … eg    .PCBackup

But, it’s always best to keep only media files on the internal hdd…

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