Time required to initialise a new drive

Yesterday I bought a new 4TB drive. I plugged it in and waited for the light to stop flashing so I could connect to it. 18 hours later the light was still flashing so I took it back today and got another one. This one has been plugged in for an hour and is still flashing. Have I gotten two bad ones in a row? or am I plugging it in wrong? (AC and Ethernet are the only two things you can plug in …)

@Tbrowne I take it you bought and own a My Cloud Home. Have you visited the Learning Center for more information about this device? Use link below.


The device just decided on it’s own to go offline. Boom. Gone. I’ll be returning it in the morning for a refund. Piece of unmitigated ■■■■. Online support has been non existent.