Time Machine will not unmount Time Capsule share after installing WD Quick View on Mac

Yesterday I installed WD Quick View on a MacBook Air.  The install did not report any errors and WD Quick View appeared on the menu bar and appeared to work correctly.  After logout/reboot - I had to “locate” the WD Quick View icon in MacintoshHD/Library/ApplicationSupport/WDSmartWare folder in order to launch it again.  

I created an alias (shortcut) to the WD Quick View file in my Applications folder and intended on using it manually as needed.  After the install, however, I started noticing that my Time Machine backup (which backs up to a Time Capsule) was no longer unmounting the drive after completing a backup I had to manually unmount the blue/green time machine drive icon - and I had to authenticate as system admin to do so (I run my Mac as a standard non-admin user) - and even after authenticating it still complained that another process was using the drive - and asked me to “force unmount” the volume.  

I rebooted the MacBook Air - and also restarted the Time Capsule - yet on subsequent logins (either using my standard user or my admin login) the time machine backup would complete (to the Time Capsule) but would not unmount the drive.  This behavior continued (with or without Quick View running) until I restored my MacBook Air (today) from the external image that I recreated last night prior to installing WD Quick View.  

After restoring my MacBook Air - without WD Quick View installed - the Time Machine backup resumed normal operation and now unmounts the drive.  In googling this particular error (condition) - I saw many posts that the cause is most likely third-part software that has somehow gotten a hold of the Time Capsule volume and preventing the unmount.  

The only third party software in this scenario was the WD Quick View.  Can somebody from WD Explain why Quick View was impacting my Time Machine backup to my time Capsule?  It also appears that whether or not I activate WD Quick View via the icon - that WD Quick View still installed something that is running at startup and getting hold of the Time Capsule.  After the time machine backup would complete - I could look at my Time Capsule status in the Airport Utility and still see that “1 users connected” was being reported.

My restore solving the problem seems to be sufficient proof that WD Quick View was causing the problem.  If I have time - I will attempt another install to see if the problem persists.

sbeattie2, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Thanks for the suggestion.  I don’t actually need to use the WD Quick View - but I assumed by posting about the discovery here - would alert WD Tech Support to a potential problem with the WD Quick View software.  I don’t think it’s an issue with the WD Live drive - because the problem is with the Apple Time Capsule not dismounting after a Time Machine Backup - and only happens when Quick View is installed.  Problem still occurs even if there are no WD Live drives on the network.  Unistalling the Quick View software (or in my case - restoring my Mac from the pre-QuickView install backup) resolves the problem.  If a phone call to WD Tech support would allow me to report my findings (which I basically did in the post) then I am fine with that - but my fear is that it will result in spending a lot of time troubleshooting for to make something work that I don’t need.

Submitted issue via email to WD Tech Support.  Waiting to hear back.