Time machine stopped working

My Time machine backups have been going fine and I can clearly see the file on Mycloud drive. Yesterday I got a message saying, “We have inspected your harddrive and you need a new backup.” Then, Time machine started backing up the entire 500gig drive rather than just add to my time machine backup. I stopped that to investigate. Now, when I try to back up it tells me that my drive is not “ADP approved”. What does that mean??? I tried rebooting the harddrive with the little button on back but that did not help. 

ANY ideas??? Thank you…

PS-Im on a mac…Dual intel laptop OS 10.7.5

Time Machine Could not Complete The Backup.

The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features.

Open Time Machine preferences to select a different backup disk.

When I go into time machine it only shows “today” and “Now” and if I try to go back it says “Error 6584” cant be compleated"

if you are doing TM over wifi you almost will never get it to work long term, its just not reliable over wifi, mine will work for a few weeks then it will say it needs to start a new backup, and then it starts from the begining all over again.  The sparse file TM uses for network backup corrupts and needs to start over, there are some sites showing how you might “Fix” the tm backup and continue to use it but I myself don’t trust backups I have to “Fix”

There is not a problem with the mycloud, almost all wifi time machines fail, either do it by eithernet or usb (which is obviously not an option with mycloud)

all kinds of complaints about it over the net when using wifi

Thank you. Boy, that’s really dysfunctional. I just lost a two months of “backups.” They should be clear about this in the instructions. I guess, I’ll just plug it in to the router at night over ethernet…Thanks, again…