Time Machine, Snow Leopard and LG Stereo issues

We had been using our WD external HD My Book 1TB successfully until we changed over from a PC to Mac. The problem started when we used the drive for Time Machine backup purposes. Although the Mac recognises it and we can transfer files to it, when we plug it into our LG stereo through the USB port, the drive is no longer recognised and nothing happens.

Have we fried it? Help…

If the drive is still capable of being seen and accessed from your Mac, then you will need to check with LG about this.  I know WD won’t support LG.  However, if now you can’t access the drive at all then it’s entirely possible that the process of moving from pc to mac to LG may have corrupted the partition.  If that’s the case, check online for some partition recovery software and see if that helps you - that’s if you need the data.  Otherwise, you can just repartition and reformat the drive with your Mac.

Thanks for the reply.

We tried this and still had no luck. It seems the process is not irreversible.

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The file system was changed.

When it was using by PC or Mac it was FAT32 file system.

Then Time Machine formatted the drive to Apple file system.

PC will not see the files on the drive either, not even LG.


To make it accessible from LG,

You need to re-format the drive back to FAT32 or MBR file system.

Just copy and paste files to the WD external drive from your Mac computer.

Do not use Time Machine because LG will not understand Apple file system. 

FYI: Formatting the drive will erase all data, make sure to back up your data before do t that.

       Please remember Time Machine only works with Apple file system, Not MBR, Not FAT32 or NTFS.