Time machine sierra, having to reboot constantly

I’ve only had this for a couple of days and after the initial horror and frustration of it taking two days to back up 500gb, i thought I had it up and running. That is til I noticed that it hadn’t been backing up properly for the last few hours. It’s inconsistent at best, sometimes it works, sometimes time machine will get 90% of the way through with 10 seconds left to backup then will just hang. Rebooting then manually starting a back up straight away seems to help but having to reboot and then instigate my backup myself to me defeats the purpose of what I bought this for. If I cancel he backup when it gets stuck, then I get an error that it can’t connect to the backup drive even when I can see that it’s connected in finder and I’m connected to the dashboard and desktop app no problems.
Is this a mycloud issue or time machine? Should I just put this device on a bookshelf and have it look pretty among my other books? Don’t get me wrong I’m not having any issues with putting other files on it and accessing them remotely, but the main reason I purchased it was for my time machine backup as my old WD elements drive had become too small.

How is your network set? Which router do you use? How is your system’s sleep behavior configured? Did you update your NAS’s firmware? Have you tried a static IP configuration? Have you tried mapping the Time Machine share using AFP?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have a TP Link Router, ethernet cable from that to the MyCloud and then a separate one to the computer. I’ve turned off the sleep function on the cloud which doesn’t seem to have helped. I haven’t tried the static IP config but have just mapped the time machine share as you suggested. I had mapped my personal share that i’d created but hadn’t read that this was necessary for time machine.
I’ll update once its had a day or two to see if there is any improvement.
Thanks again.

Well that seemed to work, time machine functioning ok. But now my issues vary from not being able to connect to the dashboard, not being able to connect to the shares in finder, not being able to connect at all remotely via the app, andniw daapd being the admin and not having access to the files at all!
Rebooting seems to fix one problem then create another.
This is seriously the most frustrating product. So much potential but such poor execution.
I will be ringing tech support and if I don’t get any luck there will be returning it. I’ve already been out today and bought a seagate edd because I don’t trust this at all to be my time machine backup solution.
If anyone can advise me on how to salvage this please feel free