Time Machine share deleted but still holding the space as other

I noticed that my time machine backup was taking up about 800gb and i want to reduce the size of the back up. I can see from the My Cloud Status page i can set a limit on the back up. so i decided to delete my back ups and start fresh with a new size limit. i accessed my shares and deleted my time machine, which appears to have deleted, it release 260gb but still has about another 540gb as “other” which cant be viewed by finder or the WD app. not sure how to free up the space, any ideas preferably not using terminal?

I wouldn’t have done it this way. it is all messed up now for Time Machine.

Usually I just Enter time-machine. Then on the right hand side (the date history) you can choose which date to enter, then choose a folder or all folders in a backup to delete (right click).

Try it if it still works as you may have deleted files needed by TM.

or you can use command (If you know your way) "tmutil delete /Volumes/Your_Path_to_backup.