Time Machine recovery

I’m currently using my Sharespace 4TB as a Time Machine to backup both my iMac and an external drive.  It’s been working fine (albeit very slow), but I’m wondering if anyone in this community has actually used it to recover their computer from it (as in after a internal drive crash on the computer)?  Was the restoring process straight forward?  Were you able to “see” the AFP Time Machine on the Sharespace after booting up the OSX CD?

Thanks for you help!

HI there, I have recovered TM machine backups although not from Sharespaces.

Once you load the OS back into your computer, just open TM and select the option that says Enter Time Machine, you will see the full list of backups and the content they have.

Yes, I’ve done the same thing, but what I’m asking about is a FULL backup recovery (boot disk and all).  My main concern is whether or not the Sharespace will be recognized on the network when the iMac is started with the OSX CD.