Time Machine & Read Only

Hello everyone !

I have recently acquired My Passport for Mac 4To but I have a problem in the configuration;

I want to save regularly with Time Machine and in the same time make manual saves;

Unfortunately, each time i configurate Time Machine to make saves on this new external disk, i am informed that my Passport is now “Read Only” and i have to reformat or buy Paragon software (why ?)

So I reformat and of course, the first save is cleaned but as I reput Time Machine on this external disk => “read only” a new time;

How could i configurate Time Machine without having Read only each time ?
Which Format should I put (currently APFS and my mac is under Big Sur) ?


Hi @Dyse,

With Big Sur, Apple has changed the function of the Time Machine. It will prompt you to reformat the drive to APFS in order to use with Time Machine, and lock the drive for sole Time Machine use.

Based on the details shared, the drive is formatted with APFS and still shows a " Read-only" message.

Please contact WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting.

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