Time Machine problem: Using WD My Cloud Mirror on Repeater


I have a problem with using my cloud mirror with a Fritz! repeater.

If I connect the laptop via wireless directly to my router, the laptop find the second shared volume “WDMyCloudMirror_AFP_TimeMachine” but if I move to another room where my laptop connects via a repeater, I’m not able to find this second shared volume. 

Thank you for some hints.

Best Regards Michael 

It may be that your effective network speed is too slow via the repeater, so the MCM cannot respond in time to be visible (I’ve had something similar in the past due to an old and slow router, although that was visibility to Quickview/Smartware rather than Time Machine as I don’t have a Mac).

You should be able to test this by downloading something from the internet in both configurations and comparing the download speed that you can achieve with and without the repeater. 

If it is the problem you may need a faster or different solution perhaps.