Time Machine performance

I am new My Cloud(about 1 month) user and trying to work from iMac (OS X 10.7.5). One of reason to buy NAS is to eliminate external HDD(using for TimeMachine storage) from my small table.

But after 1 month of using MyCloud (3Tb with last FW) I cant trust this device as TM. I’ve lost my backup accidentally twice after beautiful message " . . . Time Machine must create a new backup for you." And the worst thing is performance of TM on MyCloud – some time TM uploading fast but most cases it like phone modems speed.

I have total iMac HDD backup about 350Gb and creating new backup on MyCloud taking days – 2-3 day for preparing and 3 days for uploading 350GB. I have 1 Gbit router, NIC and link and I cant believe on that. More over my last update on 10 Gb uploaded 3 Days!!! With 20Kb/s speed (on Gb link )on Network monitor and I hear that HDD in NAS working hard and don’t sleeping. I understand that there may be a lot of small files, but that the NAS constantly writes? Indexing? Seems like antivirus working and checking every small file(I know that there is no AV here). Uploading of file to Public share at the same time is working pretty good  - up to 30-50Mbs. what it can be(bad AFP release or TM simulation ) and when it will be fixed?

p.s. So I am still using external HDD as backup of backup because I don’t want to lose my personal data.


Take a look at this thread. Hope it helps.


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just received this magic msg again :(((((((((((((( backup corrupted again. its living about 1 week(+1 week for uploadimg OMG)

I will check proposed thread, but if I will not find apropriate solution and it will happend again - I will sale device as used - no hope…

I want to rely to backup storage

this topic about TM on MyBookLive and the last reply from Advisor is

Why are you replying here if you do not own this NAS?   You say you have My Cloud NAS, but this is the My Book Live forum.


Very custom oriented!

the issue still exist and after 3 weeks appeared againt :frowning:

I have a new MyCloud and have two Macs (both runnng latest Mavericks with all updates applied) and have been running Time Machine to the MyCloud for about 3 weeks now.  After 5 days, the first machine cameup with the ‘In order to improve the reliability of your backup we need to build a new backup’.  And now the second Mac has done the same.

From the forum, this appears to be a common problem for people running NAS backups on MyCloud, MyBookLive, and even USB drives directly attached to Airport Extremes.

Having an unreliable backup is worsr than having no backup…

To the Guys at WD:  Seems like this is a common problem.  your answer seems to be that ‘it works at your end’ and the problem is with Apple.  But if it’s been like this for several years and you can’t do a reliable backup from Time Machine, why do you advertise Time Machine capabilities for your product?  IT JUST DOESN"T WORK RELIABLY.

Try this next time before you blow away your backups