Time Machine or My Cloud Sync

This may have been asked/answered, but I am new and don’t want to hijack another thread…

I have an iMac, iPad Pro, and iPhone 6s… All of which will access the My Cloud Mirror. I have removed my Time Capsule and will be selling it, since I just got this My Cloud Mirror 3TB Gen 2.

My question is this… I would like to access all my files all the time from anywhere in the world… If I use Sync, won’t that copy and keep up-to-date those folders in which I select? Essentially like Time Machine? What is the difference? If I am using Sync, do I really need to use the Time Machine part of the drive? What am I missing here?

Time Machine is a full and unaccessible backup method which backs up all data from one Mac to a My Cloud share.
WD Sync is a tool to sync selceted folders onto the My Cloud device and then sync the content to other PCs or Macs.

You may access the folder you used for WD Sync even through www.mycloud.com to have access to your data stored there.

Yeah, it won’t take up too much space… I’d really like to have access to my Documents anywhere… But also like the fact that everything is all backed up. Best of both worlds :slightly_smiling: