Time Machine on WD MyBookLive - I've lost access to the old backups

Hi there,
I’ve got two MacBooks and WD MyBook configured for Time Machine.

On one of my MacBooks I removed NAS share from Time Machine configuration. When I connected the NAS again, I can’t see any of my previous backups.

Is there any way to get access to my previous backups? I’ve checked the backup share and the .dmg file is still there.

How did you “remove” said share? If you removed it from your unit’s Dashboard then it’s gone for good.

If the Time Machine configuration was changed into another share then Time Machine will not be able to resume usage of your old backup. However, it should be available within said share if you map it manually. It should be a snapshot of your system compressed as a single sparsebundle file.

thanks for the answer.
Indeed, I changed Time Machine configuration. So it seems, that the only option is to restore files manually from the backup piece.

Thanks again

For future reference:
tmutil setdestination afp://USER:PASS@mybooklive/share did the job.
When I ran this command (as root) suddenly the old backups reappeared.