Time Machine on USB drive connected to MyBook Live?

Dear Community,

The manual for the MyBook Live Duo,  under “Connecting a USB Drive”, reads :

“The USB drive can serve as a target for backups in WD SmartWare, Windows, or Time Machine.”

This would indeed be convenient, as I’ve been backing up through Time Machine on a WD USB-Drive for about a year now and I would like to continu to use this Back-up (meanwhile 1TB) and drive instead of starting from scratch.

However, when I connect this drive to the MB Live Duo, only the ‘normal’ partition shows up as a share. The Time-Machine partition is neglected. Also, in the Time Machine Preferences, it is not possible to select any partition on the connected USB-drive. I also tried a freshly formatted USB drive with the same result.

The latest Firmware-Update (may 2012) left things unchanged…

I’m I missing something here?  

Best regards,


That is a documentation issue. There is no way to support a Time Machine backup to an external drive like that. I originally asked for that feature, but it wasn’t possible - and unfortunately it was left in the manual. Sorry about that :frowning:

It’s really a pity :cry:, but I’ll get over it :wink:. Anyway thanks for the quick reply!