Time machine - not seen as an "available disk"

I have 2 macbook pros on my network. I have a “connect to server” entry for my WD MyCloud on both MBPs and both of them connect to the WD MyCloud. Both have the WD My Cloud application installed and both MBPs can connect to the WD MyCloud via the app and browser.

One of the MBPs is successfully backing up via Time Machine to the WD MyCloud. The second device does not see it as an ‘available disk’.

So, I’m connected at login…WD MyCloud is seen in Finder and I can see all available shares. If I open Time Machine and hit the ‘Select Disk’ button the TimeMachine share on the My Cloud isn’t available as an option.



Are both MBPs on the same work-group? Make sure they are and that both computers are running the same updates.