Time machine not reading backup

hello everyone,
My Macbook Pro was running slow so I decided to reinstall the OS. Now i’m trying to restore my data from my Time Machine (i’m using a WD MyCloud) but I cannot have access to the data! It asks me for Username and Password. I don’t remember setting up a username and password for the time machine (actually I followed the instructions and it said to set it up as Guest). Which username and password should I use? the one i’m using to have access to my MacBook or what? How can I restore my data?

Is there a chance my data have been erased? If yes is there a way to recover those data?? everything was there and I NEED to recover everything. till today i could see in other files i had 120Gb, today the time machine crashed and it asked me to restart the synchronization, now I can see only 13gb on other files! Is my old synchronization lost?

Hi there,

When exactly do you get the prompt for the password? is it when you try to restore the time machine backup or when you try to access the time machine share? In case its on the share verify on the dashboard that the time machine share or the share that has your time machine backup is public so this way you can access it.

Hope this helps.