Time Machine not detecting My Book Live on setup

I just bought a My Book Live and I’ve set it up to use media on my PS3 and it’s working perfectly.  Other than using it as a media server, I also wanted to use it to back up my iMac via Time Machine.  This is the first time using Time Machine so I had to enable it and it went to a setup screen.  Unfortunately, on set up it does not detect the My Book Live disk.

About my setup:

My iMac is wirelessly connected to a wireless modem (PK5000).  My Book Live is connected to a wireless bridge that is hardwired into my PS3 and wirelessly connected to my modem.  When turning on my iMac, My Book Live is not automatically detected, so I have to mount it manually, but afterward, all functions are normal.  I’m starting up Time Machine setup after I’ve already mounted to My Book Live.  

Please help and thank you for your time.

Hi there, how are you mounting the MBL? As a guest or as a registered user?

Also, did you check the computer name of your Mac under system preferences> internet & wireless> sharing? Having an odd computer name or not having one at all can make son NAS issues on TM o.ol

I actually got this fixed, but I was mounting as a registered user and my computer name is one word and fairly simple.

Just to detail the fix I opened terminal and typed 

defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

It was the first step in a tutorial I found here


Apparently (at least for me), it was not seeing MBL as a supported volume, but once it was shown everything worked just fine and now I’m up and running.

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