Time Machine - Name and Password

I have been backing up my macbook to my “my cloud” drive for years using time machine. This weekend, due to a hard drive issue, i’ve needed to use the back up, but unfortunately i’m struggling due to a request for name and password. (See photo)

I don’t remember ever setting this up, i have all my folders ‘public’ but it won’t let me proceed without putting a name/password in. I have reset everything and tried admin/admin etc but i still can’t get through - it also won’t let me proceed with no information.

I read one thread suggesting it was a router password, but this would not be the case as i’ve routed the drive direct to my computer using an ethernet…

Please Help!!image

The files are definitely there as i can see them using the APP on my phone

Hi Mikeeb,

Please try username “admin” and leave the password blank and check if you are able to proceed further.