Time Machine/Mybookworkd/imac

I have been running MyBookworld external drive to back up data from PCs on my network for sometime now and all works fine. I now have an imac with Time Machine included but when I try to setup Time Machine to back up to MyBookWorld it does not find it. In fact when you click on ‘set up time machine’ and then ‘select back up disk’ nothing is found. I have looked at many forums on this and have the latest MyBookworld firmware, so that is not the problems. Perhaps i have to make changes in the advanced options under DNS, WINS, etc. In Finder all the other PCs on the network are visible as is MyBookworld

Time Machine was not originally supported on the device. Have you updated to the latest firmware?

suggestion 1…  using an ethernet cable, try plugging your mac into the same switch that the drive is on.   if the drive works normally, then try suggestion 2 when you are wireless…

suggestion 2… try using afp://ipaddress after selecting Go>Connect to server… in the Finder.  you may also have to issue the folowing command through terminal:

defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Thanks for suggestions. As I said i have the latest firmware and the imac and the My book world drive are currently plugged into a 8 port switch which is itself attached to the network router via a cat five switch in the wall. so i will have a go at you 2nd suggestion and report back.

Thanks for help.

As requested I typed in afp:// into ‘Connect to server’ in finder, which is the ip address of My Book world and also entered script as suggested into terminal. Terminal did not respond and give me any success message or anything else so not sure if that worked but finder gave an error message saying that the server 192…168.1.74 may not exist and to check the ip address. f i type it into the browser however, it has no problem locating My book World drive.

Thanks for help.


Not sure if this is progress or not. But… Under network I added the IP address of mybookworld into the DNS and now Time Machine does recognise mybookworld. however when it goes to back up it produces the following error message:

The backup disk image "Volumes/PUBLIC-5/Frank Russell’s iMac.sparsebundle’ could not be created (error 45)

I also looked at this forum and followed instructions but get a bit lost when it talks about mounting MyComputers