Time Machine & My Cloud Home becomes super slow after 187 GB

Hi there,

I’m facing a problem for a while now. I’m using (trying to) Time Machine to make a first backup my Macbook. It works fine at the beginning until it reaches approx. 187Gb (this number probably does not matter). At this moment the back up become super slow (saving 10 mo per hour, maybe even less). It took several hours (like 8 hours) to back up the first 187GB.

I tried everything rebooting the mac, formatting the My Cloud Home (from My Cloud website & with the Reset button at the rear).

I have another (USB connected) hard drive that works just like a charm with Time Machine. I’m Using Mojave latest beta version (had the same problem with the other versions of Mojave).

Does anyone has the same problem? I’m now stuck at 187,90 GB and the backup runs for 30 hours now.

Thanks a lot,


You can refer the below mentioned articles to troubleshoot for the issue.

time machine setup: don’t use encryption and log as guest