Time Machine mounts


A couple months ago, I installed the latest version of the windows server dashboard on my Mac laptop (OS X 10.8.3) and 2 mounts appeared in the Finder in addition to the already existing WDSENTINEL:



I selected the “WDSENTINEL IPs Time Machine” mount as a disk in the Time Machine preferences and was finally able to backup my laptop to my Sentinel in a “native” way (i.e. without extra manipulation to make a regular shared drive eligible for Time Machine).

However, a couple of days ago, the 2 mounts disappeared from the Finder and Time Machine cannot see them as well, making it unable to backup my laptop.

I rebooted my Sentinel, as well as my laptop but still no mounts. Only WDSENTINEL remains, but that one doesn’t show the TimeMachine folder. I checked on the server, and the TimeMachine folder exists.

Does anybody have any idea what might have happened for the mounts to disappear?

Thank you

Are you logged in to the LaunchPad on your Mac? Sometimes I’ve noticed you have to reauthenticate your access to Sentinel on your Mac.

In finder, when you see WD Sentinel, select a shared folder, then click “Connect As”, it seems that you have your Guest user account and permissions enabled and that could cause this confusion.

Let us know if it helped.


Hi Vineet,

I think I found the solution to my problem.

I did happen to be logged on the server directly (for some reason the launchpad doesn’t work… that may be the next thread I open) but the login did not seem to be a determining factor.

I always use the administrator account to log in on the server (whether from Finder or from RDC). Not convinced that’s the best way, but I did not setup any other account yet.

Ok, so now what I found to resolve my problem: on the server there is a service called “ExtremeZ-IP File and Print Server for Macintosh [WDSENTINEL]”. This service was in “Starting” mode. From the Task Manager I killed the associated process and restarted the service. That brought back the 2 missing mounts on the Mac finder, and Time Machine was able to restart a backup. Looks like this service is the one allowing the Mac to see those 2 specific mounts. I was able to reproduce the problem by bringing down the service manually.

Hope this helps other people!