Time machine issues

I have a 3tb mycloud connected to my home network
I have a Mac OS Monterey computer running parallels with windows 10 and windows xp on virtual machines
The my cloud I use as a gas device and also have been using it for time machine back ups
Now its full… I stopped my cycloid from filling it up constantly and disconnected that BUT I can’t see how to delete the backups which amount to 95% of the usage of the device
I have tried to log back in with time machine and can’t remember the password - so can only access that as a guest so can’t see any past back ups
I dont want to wipe and restart the device as that will mean me moving a load of files to my computer then wiping then moving them back
Any suggestions please?

Hi @webspaceunlimited,

Please refer to the article of My Cloud OS 5: macOS Time Machine Backup to a My Cloud:

sorry there isnt an answer to my question in that link Keerti_01