Time Machine Initial Transfer

I’ve just purchased my WD My Cloud (4TB) and have been getting on with it well. I have been using an external USB drive to transfer all my photos, videos, and music quickly.

I now want to do the same with my Time Machine backup(s). I have created a new Time Machine backup on my external drive. However, when I plug this in to my My Cloud it just hangs. I can’t view the web front end and I can’t SSH in.

I’m guessing that this is something to do with me rebooting the My Cloud mid-transfer yesterday. When I first connected it, it appeared as expected. Then after a lot of agro it appeared with ‘_2’ appended to its name. Now I’m just left with the My Cloud barfing when I plug it in. 

Any ideas on how to go about setting this right? Should I do a reset? If so, what does this wipe? Wors comes to the worse I could wip the USB drive and tray again. But it appears to be ok when plugged into my Mac.

Has anyone manually moved a time machine bakup from a USB drive to the My Cloud successfully?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Community.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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