Time Machine: Error copying file, backup aborted


The subject says it all. I am trying to get Time Machine working for my mac book pro. After a couple of

tries at the backup ( got up to 45 / 177 GB) I decided that it would be a good idea to check the disk and

found that I had a missing file from a directory.

Disk Utility was able to repain the damage. 

I then tried to directly attach the MBL to the mbp, I enabled the internal ethernet and was able to

see the MBL, alas I could only get about 5GB before I got the file copy error again.

I turned the mbl off after deleting the Time Machine backup and reattached the mbl to my Apple

Wireless router.

I have turned on wireless on my mac book pro and am giving the process one last shot…

( just passed 6.8GB/177GB). I am getting about 10-12MB/sec via wireless.

SuperDuper was able to create a sparse disk on the mbl and I was able to create a

clone of my home directory ( ~120GB ) with no problems.

Is there any magic that facilitates using Time Machine with the MBL?




The problem has nothing to do with the MBL, time machine appears to require that spotlight be


On my MacBook Pro, spotlight is not functional, more precisely the mds ( meta data server ) dies

when processing some of the 1.4 million files stored on the mbp.

Some of the failures do not specify which file causes the problem ;(