Time Machine data on MyCloud "disappears"!

Dear Reader,  I have a 2 TB WD disc. 950 GB of data on a 1TB hard disc on apple mac 10.6 OSX.  It took the best part of 5 days to load up the first back up.  It worked well for about 3 weeks and some days ago I got a message that TM was not backing up.  I checked and found that it had started to reload the whole disc from scratch again and none of the orginal data were present! My internet does tend to go on and off but there was not discontinuity of electric supply to the hard disc of the WD so my question is "What would have caused this? and how come it does not simply keep the data? It is as if the disc has been wiped and it is now taken two days to download 350 GB and in the meantime I am not protected.  I had no problems with MyBook and am thinking of going back to that as this has been a real and wake up call


Hello, if the My Cloud loses power during any time during the backup process, it is possible that the backup got corrupted. You can select the option to do a quick test from the utility section on the My Cloud dashboard to rule out any other problems. Check page 83 of the manual for more information. 


No power loss. This is a TimeMachine compatability issue is my guess.  Just spent 30 plus mins with Mr Lawrence of the telephone support and he has changed from Dynamic to Fixed IP and consequently I cannot now get on my internet at all unless I unplug it and cannot now get into the dashboard  He then cut me off just as he had changed it all and I am unable to get access at all. this machine is headed back to the WD shortly unless he rings me back!

I gave up on using Time Machine.  It would run fine for a week then fail a consistency check and Time Machine would start from scratch again.  Did this three weeks on the bounce so I gave up.  I am also on Mavericks.

I’ve had the same experience since December.  I purchased the drive and a new MBP in mid-November…took several attempts to make the first Time Machine backup and since have had several new ones b/c TIme Machine backup can’t be validated.  Very frustrating…am using Carbon Copy Cloner on a weekly basis as a second (first?) backup.  Not sure if this issue is related to Mavericks or My Cloud.