Time Machine can't access to Mybook WE backup

I’m getting foul with Time Machine and WD MyBook World Edition 1TB!

I’ve the TM working fine till I made some Mac OS update, it was here that the TM stop working!

In Finder I’ve 2 file servers mapped, MyBookBack and MyBookBack-Backup.

I can access to the folders and files at MyBookBack, but I can’t access to the MyBookBack-Backup, which is normal.

But now the TM don´t work! When I acess to Sistem Preferences > Time Machine, I’ve TM disabled and when I choose a disk  the TM list  the WD_Backup at MyBookBack-Backup,  then I choose to use it to security copy, he asked for User and Password of the TM user at WD, and then… start thinking with the color wheel running indeterminably!!! I Just left it by 48Hours connected and nothing happened! I have to force to quit the Sistem Preferences to stop it!

The same happens when I tried to reach to TM data  using the Migration assistant and select MyBookBack-Backup…

Can anyone help me? I haven’t any backups since almost 2 months ago! :frowning:

Many thanks and have a Happy New Year free from BUGS!

Very similar experience.  Searched for solutions - lots of ideas but nothing works so far.  Have a ticket open with WD but so far no solution from them, either.  Seems quite a common problem.  Last time this happened I had to reformat and lose it all but can’t afford to do that this time.  Good luck!

If you have any answer from WD, please post it here.

I will open a tiket too!

Now i start to wish i had opt for Time Capsule instead of WDMB :frowning:

Same problem.  Occurred after an OS update.  Any word from WD?

Same problem here. Both on 10.5.8 and 10.6.4.

Same here.  Opened ticket some time ago and have been put through hoops, sending in logs etc.  This all took weeks and I was assured a ‘team’ was looking at it.  In the end, they just said I should try loggin on with WD_Backup as password (duh!) and  beyond that it was Apple’s problem.  I feel this drive is sold as working with TM but clearly has problems.  It hapened before and I had to reformat but this time I need the data on there - which is why I backed it up in the first place.  I have searched for answers but found none.  Why can’t WD address this?!

Same Problem here. OS X 10.6.6. Firmware 1.02.06

Can´t Access Volume. 

Same problem here.  Is there anyway to escalate to WD? 

Same problem… Untill some weeks ago I was able to backup. Now I can not  select WD_Backup in Time Machine because it returns error (OSStatus error 5.).

Has anyone found a solution?

tiggerx40  to escalate this to WD, please contact WD for Technical Support


Target disks for Time Machine backup must be formatted using the MacOS file system format. 

The discussion thread is about a My Book World, which is a NAS (Network Attached Storage).  Only hard drives that are directly connected to the computer, by USB, Firewire or eSATA, needs to be reformatted to HFS+ to work with Time Machine.