Time Machine - cannot exclude WD from "not backing up list"

Dear all,

I have a IMAC and Time Capsule. Time Capsule is used as backup system. I have recently acquired “WD My Password Ultra (not as Mac Version)”, which I use as an external drive.

I want to integrate under time machine the external drive to be backed up under Time Capsule. When  I move to the time machine menue and click there under “options”, I see that the external drive is under the list, which indicates that it is not be integrated in the back up procedure. Normally, you should be able to remove it from the list, so that time machine makes a backup of the external drive, too. When I look into the instruction guide, it is said that I shall contact the thir party supplier in this cas WD. Has anyone an idea how I can remove the external WD drive from the list?

Manythanks in advance,

Missy HB 


Mac OS includes a built-in utility called Time Machine that can be used in conjunction with most internal, USB, or FireWire hard drive, as well as many Network hard drives. For internal/USB/Firewire drives, the device must be formatted as HFS+ in order to be used with Time Machine.

For directions on how to partition and format an external hard drive as HFS+, please see

Answer ID 3865: How to install, partition, and format an external hard drive on Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OSX.

For information about the Time Machine utility, please see Apple’s website.

Directions on how to use Time Machine can be found here: http://www.apple.com/support/leopard/timemachine/.