Time Machine Cannot Connect To My Volume

I got my new 14 inch MacBook Pro yesterday and I have tried to set up Time Machine just as I did on my old MacBook Pro but when I pick the Volume and try to sign in with the login information (I can only assume it is the same as the one I use to login to the My Cloud Dashboard?) I receive the following error message instead.

“Time Machine cannot connect with the backup-volume. An error occurred with authentication of your user name or password”. However, I can connect to the NAS just fine via Finder or the Browser! I do not get it.

I also noticed that when I access the MyCloud Dashboard and try to do any changes to the “Time Machine” configuration, such as expanding the size, I am stuck on the “Please Wait” screen and it never finishes

Use guest as credentials.

More details here: Starting macOS Time Machine Backups to My Cloud and Network Attached Storage

If I do that, it just jumps back to the log in mask where I can choose between Guest and Logged In User again

Ok I just got it to work. There must have been an issue with my new Shared Folder. I deleted it and picked an older shared folder and now it works. Not exactly sure what the issue with the new shared folder was to be honest but it did not save any time machine settings in the My Cloud Dashboard as soon as I picked that shared folder for the Time Machine.