Time Machine Backups to MBL on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Failing

Recently set up my computers in the home to backup to a brand new MBL with the newest firmware loaded, and am having issues with the second machine succeeding.

I am running an iMac and a MBP, both wired. When I kick off the iMac, the backups succeeds and I can see the backup on the Time Machine volume of the drive. I then try to do the MBP backup and it runs for an hour or so and I keep getting the  “Time Machine coudn’t complete the backup to ‘MybookLive’” error screen. Both backups were set to the MBL and access as GUEST. 

I have both machines set up to log in to the Time Machine volumes at login (hidden) as guest, both machines are running the same OS, wired, etc. This was a suggestion from another post regarding Time Machine backups on MBP, especially for wireless laptops. NOTE: the laptop is wired for now, thought it would be best to wire it so this could complete.

Same set up. But for some reason the MBP will not complete. I’m able to log in to the MBL from both machines, as guest, and as admin. And able to read/write files to the MBL shares from both machines as well.

I spoke with WD support and their answer was because I was on Mt. Lion, and to wait for a firmware update.

Anyone out there have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Also just now seeing that when I come back to the MBP today, it’s showing “connection interrupted to (name of backup drive)” Does that mean the computer is goign to sleep as it’s trying to back up? How do I change this habit.