Time Machine backups for Mac

Time machine has begun to report that it has verified the backup on my My cloud and needs to create a new backup. This wipes all the backup history from Mycloud, and also takes about 2 days to complete.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


I haven’t seen other users reporting this.

Let’s see if any users can share some information about it.

There were reports of this on this site, but they were a couple of years ago. Also, if you Google the problem, there are other reports. But no solution, except that it doesn’t work properly.
My Mycloud has been backing up Time Machine OK for some months, and now it doesn’t.
I have no idea what might have changed.


This certainly isn’t a new issue and is not specific to TM backups to the My Cloud.

You might want to try the following link:

It worked for me after I accidentally powered my MyCloud down during a disk operation. Just a warning, it can take a long time to complete, but I was able to perform backups again without issue.

I am from soraj instruments, I took it as my own server where I used to save my Tally data and many other files that need to share but today morning I seen that all files suddenly disappeared from my cloud.