Time Machine Backup

I have a Mac Book Pro with internal 500MB Hard Drive.   Using a Cisco 802.11n router for my Wireless Network.  I want to use two Network World Book Editions with my Mac Book Pro.  The first Network drive I want to use as a wireless hard drive to store my photos and video.  The second drive I want to use as a Time Machine backup for both the internal Mac Book Hard Drive and the first Work Book Network Drive.  Questions: Is this possible with Work Book Network Drives?  If yes is this configuration difficult to set up?

Hi wkleschi,

The TimeMachine backup available on the MBW is only available from your Mac to the drive.  The drives do not have the ability to backup from one to another.

Sorry it was not more positive news. 

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Thanks James.

Quick Question.  I currently own an iMac with Two Western Digital External Hard Drives.  I have a 500 MB Drive and a 1 TB Drive.  The 500 MB HD I am using for Photos and Movies.  The 1TB Drive is used as a Time Machine Backup Drive.  Time Machine is set to backup both the internal iMac Drive and the 500 MB external Drive.  No problems to date.   The Power Book Configuration in my previous post is the same configuration but over wireless with network hard drives.  When I set up Time Machine couldn’t I pick the internal PB Drive and the 1TB Network Drive to be backed up on the 2TB Drive ?  Not sure since I have never used network drives before.  Thank you for your help.


If I understand you correctly, you want to backup both your computer (Mac) and the direct attached drive to the MBW drive?  is this correct?

If yes, then provided time machine allows you the option to select both your internal and the direct attached drive then yes you should be able to backup both to the 2 TB network drive.

If I misunderstood you, can you please reexplain what you ultimately want to do.