Time Machine Backup + SmartWare?

After the recent firmwre upgrade I suddenly find I have two shares sitting on my drive that weren’t tehre before.

So can somebody please tell my what Time Machine Backup and Smartware Share are for???

I am guessing Time Machine Backup is for a backup programme but I don’t seem to have any software to run it.

Smartware. I suspect it may well be for a Mac which isn;'t going to be a great deal of use tom me as I have PC’s.

Smartware. I am again guessing it is some form of smart software but again no information or sofwtare provided.

I would be grateful for some answers.

Many thanks


They’re for what they say:

Time Machine Backups and Smartware Backups.

Smartware is included on the Drive in Public / Software, if you want to use it.

If you don’t want to use it, you can delete those shares.

Also, that’s all described in the manual…

What I would like to delete is that g… d… public folder.

Hey all,

  Just wondering about the Time  Machine Share after upgrade…

I assume it is safe to delete the Share folder and contents ,but just wanted a second opionion.

Tony, I deleted the smartware share as I am using MAc.  Now I no longer have a MBLD-backup to go to?  Did TM use this share as the backup , so when I deleted , its gone ??   

As far as I know, the Time Machine share is totally separate and independent. 


The Time Machine share you deleted was the default one. You can create another one though.

Go back to the Shares and create a new share. It can be named anything.

After it is created, select it and look in the Details pane. There should be an option to set the share for Time Machine.

Once you do that you will see the backup option appear again.

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WiseAcre, it looks like the latest firmware changed the location of the Time Machine share selection.

It is now under Settings, System. At the bottom is Mac Backups. There is a drop down box that lets you choose the share from there.