Time Machine Backup problem

Hi guys! 

I have set up My cloud but I have problem with Time Machine, after the first backup was finished I received the following message (look below) when Time Machine attempted to make next one.

What do I do wrong? How to fix it?

System: MacBook Pro 15


One of the reasons that happened to me too is the NAS seems to need reconnecting everytime I open my laptop. In other words it seems to disconnect on sleep so cannot backup

No it’s on, not in the sleep mode and there is connection

I’m having the exact same problem. Any luck making this work?

I’ve got the same problem.  Only solution I’ve yet to find it the “old pull da’ plug” to restart option.  Which is not what I would call optimal.

I’ve had mine backing up and running for a week after much fooling around.

Static IP 

media server off

mycloud sharing off

Sleep off

and my computer never sleeps.

First back up done plugged in, then Wifi after. 

When I reconnect to my network I re-mount the MyCloud drives manually with connect to server and sign in. 

Mycloud 2T

Mavericks MBP running Time Machine

WRT-54g running Tomato

Airport Extreme GEN1 bridged