Time Machine backup fails with share in use(?)

I have been backing up my mac air to my WD drive using time share with no problems.

A couple of weeks ago my machine was stoled and I have replaced it with a new one.

I used the backup on my WD Cloud to restore the new Mac.

Now when I backup I get an error saying share is in use. ( apologies if text is not exactly correct)

I have looked on the web for advice, so far I have only rebooted the WD, this has not solved the problem.

My new machine has the same name as the stolen one.

Any ideas as to what to try?
Do i have to delete the old backup and start again?



Not to sound like “passing the buck” but the MyCloud is just a receptacle for the Time Machine backup. You might get a better answer by contacting Apple

Actually, I had not thought about contacting Apple as well. I will do that now.


well I do not know what happened but after 3 failed backups it has started to work!