Time Machine back-up inaccessible following OSX upgrade


I had to reload 10.9.X following a failed restore from Time Machine. The OS placed the version I was using of WD Smartware into the ‘incompatible software’ folder. The latest version of Smartware doesn’t recognise my back-ups (only option seems to be to start again as if a new external disc).

Two questions: 1. Is there a way to see my Time Machine back-ups again?! If not, 2. Will creating a new Time Machine back-up overwrite / format the previous back-ups (in case, for example, I downgraded in future and was then able to see the old back-ups again using the old Smartware version)?

Any help gratefully received!



Sorry, I should add that I am using a WD My Passport drive.


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Can you please provide more information about your case.

Please note that WD Smartware and Time machine are two separate applications.

If you did a backup with WD Smartware, you will need to use the same app to restore or to continue that backup.

If you did the backup with Time Machine that an backup app provided by apple, you will need to use that app to continue the backup or to retrieve the files.

Thanks for the response.

OK, rightly or wrongly, I use both applications - I found that I needed to open WD Smartware to unlock the drive for Time Machine to work. So, I would see Smartware categrise the storage, but Time Machine would then do the backups. 

Now, Time Machine can’t see the backups, and when I open (the new version of) Smartware, it acts as if it is a new drive and asks me what I want to do. If I click on ‘retrieve’ for example, there is no sign of the Time Machine back-ups - I think this is what you would expect (as Smartware didn’t do the back-ups), but Time Machine still cannot see them. I tried, unlocking the drive directly using the padlock (sorry, I am writing this from work and can’t remember what it is actually called), but no improvement.

I have a vague memory of not upgrading Smartware a couple of years ago because there were stories of compatibility issues with Time Machine Back-ups, maybe when going from OS 10.8 to 10.9? Of course, now I am in this hole!

Any thoughts?