Time Machine Access

When I attempt to assign my My-Cloud to the Time Machine I receive the following error:

The server may not exist or it is unavailable at theis time. Check the server name or IP address. check your network connection, and try again.

I can access my My-Clound from my browser, Safari, from my iPhone, and from the My-Cloud application on my iMac.

Whats up?

Anybody out there?

In the WD My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Mac Backups section, is the Time Machine option set to ON?


Is the My Cloud on the same local network as the Time Machine Mac or are you attempting to connect Time Machine to a remote My Cloud?

Same network.

Hi Klaatu69, how are you? Nice to meet you, I’m new in this community and maybe you can help me.
Can you read please my topic? Thanks a lot in advance:

Please note the My Cloud Home is a completely different device with different features and options than the My Cloud line has. The methods used to fix issues on the My Cloud line may not work or be applied to the My Cloud Home line.

Hey Klaatu69, do you have any infos regarding my problem? Thanks a lot