TIME is off by 1 hour.....?

i set my time zone and i even rebooted hub but

my clock is off by  1 hour…

plz advise…


Either you have DAYLIGHT time enabled, or you’ve got the wrong timezone, or WD made a mistake in the timezone data.

Any of those options should be easy to fix…   

What timezone are you in?   Is the clock AHEAD by one hour or BEHIND?

Do you have Daylight savings turned on?  If so, turn it off.

daylight sav. is on…

its forward 1 hour. eastern

i will see what happen when i turn daylight sav off.

If daylight savings is on then that is your problem.  It’s not daylight savings until the time jumps forward an hour in the spring.

Daylight savings is not automatic on the HUB, so you only turn it on when it jumps forward in the spring, then turn it off in the fall.

yep it worked turnin off the daylight sav fixed the clock

thanks guyz :dizzy_face: