Time/Date Stamp off for new files/directories and can't sync to NTP

Recently noticed that when creating new files and directories for the WD MyCloud EX4 and the dates are off for those new files. The date show 1/1/1/2014 12:41 am, not the actual time when I created those.

So I upgraded the firmware successfully to 2.12.127, hoping that would fix the issue and still having the issue. Also rebooted the device and still having the same issue.

I’ve noticed that if I try to configure the Primary NTP Server, click configure and then click save, I get the following error message: “Unable to connect to this NTP Server.” I’m also unable to add User NTP either. If I look at the Logs, there are information entries with Jan 1 2014 dates in there as well.

Also, I’ve checked all disks, they are healthy (have a RAID 5 layout) and checked the System Test, shows an red exclamation for the System Clock

I still haven’t heard anything back on this issue and I’m still having a problem.

Is this hardware no longer supported by WD?