Till when does the gen2 receive security updates?

Just recently, I have installed the new OS5 on my gen2 mirror. However, before I use the cloud connection, I want to verify till when I receive security uodates.

According to the knowledge base, the gen2 is now in ‘limited updates’ mode. This mode means: “For product out of warranty and no longer manufactured in the last 3 years: critical security updates only.”

But, the last gen2 is from q2 2017. So, I assume that this device will receive updates until the end of march. Am I correct?


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That is an interesting question.

Realistically, OS5 is fundamentally similar on all the WD NAS devices.
It’s only a question of how long WD choses to allow the device to run new firmware versions.

The pattern so far is pretty poor. For example, the mirrors (I believe) were never sold with 10TB or 12TB disks. However, if you look in the forum, some people had infact installed these disks into the device under OS/3. . . .and it worked fine. Right up till OS/5. . .where someone actually bothered to put in code to disable the support. in these models.

(BTW: Indexing a 12tb drive on a mirror would likely be a horror show - - so maybe it’s for the best :wink: ).